Who are we?

We use our experience in the industry obtained from Burgas Free Tour- free walking tours in Burgas that we started found 4 years ago. so that we can create for you as many good memories as possible for your stay in Sozopol.

One of the ways we decided to do that is by creating an experience that combines in itself interesting stories, legends, and food, namely Sozopol- Food & Wine Tour. We believe that Bulgarian tourism has a much greater potential than tourist traps, and we strive to deliver a service that shows authentic places and traditions.

What others say about us

П. Илиева

Не очаквах че мога да науча толкова нови неща за град в който съм била и преди това. Да видиш града през очите на местните ти дава съвсем различна перспектива за мястото.

Валери И.

Страхотен подарък! Изненадаха ме с кулинарен тур, като подарък за рождения ми ден. Уникално преживяване, определено направи деня ми по-специален. Не бях опитвала традиционната местна кухня и много ми допадна.


Guys ! We really enjoy Sozopol&Food&Wine experience ! We would recommend it everyone who seeks something local and special in Sozopol

Treat yourself an emotion

Our goal is to give you an unforgettable experience, to get you in touch with the authentic taste of the local specialties and the stories of the places that you visit. Share the emotions of your trip with us!

We will provide you with tips and tricks, which you can use during the rest of your stay. Some of our tours include demonstrations and cooking classes, that way not only do you know how to eat like a local, but to cook like one as well.