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Feel the spirit of Sozopol through its most emblematic food Резервирайте Резервирайте своето място

Let’s dive into history

The town of Sozopol was established in 610 B.C. as a Hellenic colony called Apollonia Pontica, and the excavations found in the surrounding land take us even further back in time in the IV-III century BC, when it is believed that some of the earliest settlements of fishermen, farmers, pastoralists and metallurgists arose here. Its architectural structure has been built and further developed over the centuries and keeps in itself various stages of human civilization. The cultural layers have shaped Sozopol into a real city-museum.

Among the most interesting and fascinating secrets kept by the city are the relics of St. John the Baptist, the skeleton of a real vampire, stories and legends about pirate treasures and many others.


As a true seaside town with ancient traditions, fishing is highly respected here. All seafood delicacies are freshly caught in the early morning and masterfully prepared until midnight.

What happens during the tour?

During this 2 hour tour with our guide you will escape the crowds while enjoying some of the best food that Sozopol has to offer. You will get on a boat where a local fisherman, practicing for more than 40 years, will show you how to prepare the most delicious mussels in Sozopol. Together with him you will dive into local legends and stories passed through the generations and delve into the local culture.

Then accompanied by our guide you will go ahead to the next stop, where you will see a demonstration of traditional Sozopol pastries called “damgi”, taste homemade fig jam and enjoy fresh seafood directly from the Sozopol Bay. Last but not least, for an end of the tour you will taste some good wine from the region including fig wine.





П. Илиева

Не очаквах че мога да науча толкова нови неща за град в който съм била и преди това. Да видиш града през очите на местните ти дава съвсем различна перспектива за мястото.

Валери И.

Страхотен подарък! Изненадаха ме с кулинарен тур, като подарък за рождения ми ден. Уникално преживяване, определено направи деня ми по-специален. Не бях опитвала традиционната местна кухня и много ми допадна.


Guys ! We really enjoy Sozopol&Food&Wine experience ! We would recommend it everyone who seeks something local and special in Sozopol


How to reach us?

When you book, we will send you detailed information on how to find us, how you will be greeted and how you will recognize us.

Cancelation policy + Covid policy

You have the right to change the date of your tour and cancel free of charge, up to 12 hours before the start.

For maximum safety, we organize small groups.

The vinatge house, Sozopol, Black sea coast, Bulgaria
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Sozopol – Food & Wine Tour

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