What exactly is a Food & Wine Tour?

It is not hard for you to find things to do while on vacation. From old monuments to theaters, galleries, and shops- travel guides and blogs have hundreds of recommendations for you. Definitely, you can read the reviews of other tourists, for you to find restaurants that they like or even buy a bus ticket and explore by yourself. None of the options above will show you where the locals actually go or will give you a meaningful understanding of the town’s history and way of life. This is the hole that our tours fill in.


 They will show you the local cuisine and way of life,

Because the tour guides are local, they take you to different places, from bazaars and bakeries to taverns and exclusive bars. You will try a dish or a drink at every stop, and you will learn how it is a part of the town’s culture. Even more, they will tell you charming stories about the neighborhood so that you can get a more profound understanding of what you are tasting and the local life. Food travels are unique because they give you a chance to try a diversity of local dishes in an authentic setting.

Pleasant, like visiting a friend who will take you to the best places in town.

Imagine you are going to visit a friend and he shows you around his favorite places. This is the role of our tour guides. All of them are qualified and experienced helpers, but most importantly, they are locals who share insight knowledge based on their experience. Our guides will give you helpful advice with which you can enjoy a more authentic experience during the rest of your stay.

Food & Wine Tours possess the perfect balance between authenticity and careful planning.

The problem with following travel blogs /vlogs and reviews is that everyone falls upon the same information. If you are looking for an authentic experience, there is nothing worse than to go and see a “rare gem” only to find that every other tourist is already there. Our tours will take you to restaurants and shops in which the locals do actually go. Even more, they will introduce you to the people that cook the food, for you to enjoy the process first hand. Our objective is for you to experience the local way of life from the perspective of a local. This tour gives you enough authenticity for you to know you have found something new, with the combination of the carefully planned route, to be sure that the experience is safe and fun.

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