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A culinary delight in the heart of Sozopol

To get to know a place, try its food. The cuisine of Sozopol carries in itself traditions, history, and mainly a summer scent. With these words in mind and our desire to make a valuable and different kind of experience that will leave memories in you, we created Sozopol- Food & Wine. We managed to convey the energy and spirit of Sozopol into our Food & Wine Tour, with which you will get to know the area in the tastiest way.

What is a Food & Wine Tour?

Food & Wine Tour is the best way to get to know Sozopol while escaping the tourist traps and enjoying the comfort of the town. Our tour guide will welcome you, and with him, you will go and taste traditional dishes in various places. You will see how locals make them, and you will taste them, complemented by the drinks that best suit them. You will walk with us along the little streets and hear the local stories and legends passed from generation to generation.

What will you gain from the tour?


A memorable experience

Let’s create your most pleasant memories in Sozopol together!


Helpful tips

Your local guide will recommend the best places in the town and answer the questions that concern you.



П. Илиева

Не очаквах че мога да науча толкова нови неща за град в който съм била и преди това. Да видиш града през очите на местните ти дава съвсем различна перспектива за мястото.

Валери И.

Страхотен подарък! Изненадаха ме с кулинарен тур, като подарък за рождения ми ден. Уникално преживяване, определено направи деня ми по-специален. Не бях опитвала традиционната местна кухня и много ми допадна.


Guys ! We really enjoy Sozopol&Food&Wine experience ! We would recommend it everyone who seeks something local and special in Sozopol


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